When you join the Meramec Valley Grotto (MVG), you will be joining an organization with nearly 100 members dedicated to cave exploring, cave surveying, cave science, and education.  

Additional benefits include access to the grotto's library.  MVG has an extensive collection of cave books, videos, and publications.  Members have full library privileges and are encouraged to check out material.

Members also can attend an MVG sponsored cave trip.  Trips are listed in the grotto’s monthly publication, The Caver, which is another benefit of membership.  The newsletter is produced monthly and distributed to members via mail and email.

Members can access the current newsletter and past newsletters via MVG’s Yahoo! Group.  In addition to newsletter access, the Yahoo! Group also members to participate in email discussions.

Another benefit of membership is access to the grotto's gear.  MVG has a large selection of loanable gear including helmets, lights, and knee pads.  If you want to buy gear instead of borrowing gear, you can always purchase gear from the grotto store.