Caving News and Information

Tony Schmitt awarded Lester Dill Award

At the Spring/Summer 2013 MVOR, a great caver received a great award.  Tony Schmitt was awarded the Lester B Dill Award.    Tony has contributed significantly to the MVOR region.    He has mapped caves in Arkansas.  Tony has significantly participated in the Carol Cave project from the earliest moments.  Tony helped discover, map, and now manages six miles of Paulter Cave in Illinois.  Tony is instrumental in the CRF operations in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

MVG Rope School

Dedicated to safety and promotion of safety, MVG had a rope school.  At the rope school, members learned about rappeling, knots, gear, and climbing.

MVG's COG Motion failed

Late in 2010, the Meramec Valley Grotto, submitted a motion to to the Congress of Grottos to discussed and voted on at the 2011 convention.   The motion was for the COG to dissolve itself and the motion failed. 

If you would like to read more about the COG and it's 2011 meeting, click here.

MVG's 2011 COG Motion

After much discussion and debate, the Meramec Valley Grotto has presented a motion to the 2011 Congress of Grottos.  The motion, which is attached, proposes that the Congress of Grottos disolve itself.

Forest Service makes unwise decision regarding their caves

The Mark Twain National Forest, which is situated in the Ozarks of Missouri, announced that all their caves would be closed until 2016. This unwise and overkill of a decision was in response to the White Nose Syndrome threat (WNS). Although a couple of bats have been found to have the fungus that causes WNS, there are ZERO cases of WNS in Missouri.