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MSS, CRF, and the Missouri Caving Community - Online Presentation

This presentation will be an overview or project caving in Missouri and describe how the MSS & CRF work to complement one another in conjunction with the Missouri caving community.  Topics covered will be the various services each organization provides, cooperative agreements and partnerships with state and federal agencies and the Missouri Cave Database.

July 2018 Meeting was in a cave

Cliff Cave St. Louis County Joe Light caving

Meeting rooms are great for meetings, but the Meramec Valley Grotto decided to have their meeting outside.  Not just outside, but underground.

The Meramec Valley Grotto, a collection of individuals that love caves, went underground for their July 2018 meeting.
It was a typical monthly meeting, but underground.  Grotto business was conducted, and trips were discussed.

The program during the meeting was the history of the cave by Joe Light.